Hour of Code at #ENSCROCKS

“Stop consuming and start creating with technology.”

This week is the Hour of Code at East Noble School Corp and around the world.  There are currently 50 million students signed up to participate worldwide in an event to teach students about coding (how computer software, smart cities, thermostats, email, anything electronic works). This is our second year of participating – we are officially signed up through code.org and each of our students will complete the hour of code challenge – they will also get to sign an award of completion to be displayed around our schools.  This is a big event for students worldwide and it’s pretty cool that each of our students will get the opportunity to participate.  There are close to 70,000 events worldwide.
Learning basic computer programming and problem solving skills will set our students apart now and in the future. Remember those newspaper articles about the White House and our district being Future Ready?  This is a link to the code.org site if you would like to check it out. http://hourofcode.com/us
Check out the doc for an overview of what our students will be working on this week. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZihPE_1OEf5tJP_qzVToCyKtGdio5S57wqugzvxf00k/edit?usp=sharing​
This is an opportunity for our students to be recognized for current and future work in early computer science.

Code a Tree with Google!

The Best Holiday Brain Break Yet!

Go to Google now! Under the search bar you will see a tree.


Click the link and you are taken to madewithcode (part of this year’s Hour of Code activities)


The kids are familiar with this page from all of their code.org and coding app practice. Works on iOS and Laptop.


Create a tree by adding and changing blocks on the left.  See your code on the right. When finished hit DONE in the top right corner. Pick your state when this screen pops up!


Write down the time and check back to see your tree on Google!


ScienceFlix with the KPL!

The Kendallville Public Library is filled with resources you can use in the classroom today. Just like TumbleBooks, the library allows our students to use ScienceFlix – a Scholastic resource with lots of STEM material.

This online database, available inside or outside the library, combines curriculum-driven leveled content, interactive features, and intuitive navigation into a single, highly-engaging digital resource
for students in grades 4 through 9.

Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and designed for unparalleled
student engagement, ScienceFlix provides an in depth examination on more than
30 different scientific topics including Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science, Health and Human Body, Physical Science, and Technology and Engineering.

Each of the 30 areas of study feature:

• Videos to introduce the subject and build background knowledge
• Lead Articles to build content-area knowledge
• Dive Deeper Articles to encourage a deeper level of understanding
• Inquiry Questions to develop students’ ability to cite specific text evidence and support scientific analysis
• Project Ideas to integrate quantitative or technical information
• Experiments to develop a student’s ability to follow multi-step procedures
• Quizzes to assess students’ understanding of each of the 30 units
• Featured Careers to inspire budding scientists and provide typical career maps for each job opportunity.

Get in contact with one of the library ladies to show your classroom! Or find me and I’ll put you in touch with them.


Instant Whiteboard for Tablets, Laptops, Android, and iOS Devices

Our kids at ENSC make a big transition in 5th grade. They move from the simplicity and user friendliness of an iPad to a Lenovo Yoga Tablet equipped with Windows 8 and full admin permissions. This is a big learning curve for a 5th grader. On my end of things, it’s hard to find web apps and sites for students under the age of 13 that are appropriate and useful to instruction. Remember, it’s a tool, not a toy. On an iPad, these kids were always ready with a whiteboard, calculator, email, camera, etc. Here’s a tool that will help.

Write on your tablet without downloading, signing in, or creating an account – and no need to visit the Microsoft App Store.

Introducing AWWAPP – a web based whiteboard.

It’s two steps:
1. Visit https://awwapp.com/draw.html
2. Click Pencil / Color / Start Writing!

That’s it!
Tip 1: save a screenshot to submit to your teacher later.

PS: This also works on iOS in the safari browser.

Works instantly = no account, no username, no wait – because sometimes you just need a quick whiteboard.

The Easiest Classroom Timer

Set up a timer in Google Chrome by typing “set timer for x minutes” into the URL bar and hit enter.


That’s it!

and a #protip : For full screen – click the 4 corners icon just right of the sound icon.

Outlook Student Group : Create and Update

Follow the slides to update or create a new Outlook group to use with your students.

Auto Update Windows 8

Student and Staff tip from Laura.

Set Windows 8 to update automatically.

How to download and update Java / Adobe.

*If not updated to Windows 8 – please make arrangements over Fall Break and back up all files before dropping off machine.