Instant Whiteboard for Tablets, Laptops, Android, and iOS Devices

Our kids at ENSC make a big transition in 5th grade. They move from the simplicity and user friendliness of an iPad to a Lenovo Yoga Tablet equipped with Windows 8 and full admin permissions. This is a big learning curve for a 5th grader. On my end of things, it’s hard to find web apps and sites for students under the age of 13 that are appropriate and useful to instruction. Remember, it’s a tool, not a toy. On an iPad, these kids were always ready with a whiteboard, calculator, email, camera, etc. Here’s a tool that will help.

Write on your tablet without downloading, signing in, or creating an account – and no need to visit the Microsoft App Store.

Introducing AWWAPP – a web based whiteboard.

It’s two steps:
1. Visit
2. Click Pencil / Color / Start Writing!

That’s it!
Tip 1: save a screenshot to submit to your teacher later.

PS: This also works on iOS in the safari browser.

Works instantly = no account, no username, no wait – because sometimes you just need a quick whiteboard.

The Easiest Classroom Timer

Set up a timer in Google Chrome by typing “set timer for x minutes” into the URL bar and hit enter.


That’s it!

and a #protip : For full screen – click the 4 corners icon just right of the sound icon.

Outlook Student Group : Create and Update

Follow the slides to update or create a new Outlook group to use with your students.

Auto Update Windows 8

Student and Staff tip from Laura.

Set Windows 8 to update automatically.

How to download and update Java / Adobe.

*If not updated to Windows 8 – please make arrangements over Fall Break and back up all files before dropping off machine.

Everyday Math Online Quick Tips

Two tips to keep your Everyday Math lessons running smoothly for the beginning of a new year.

1. Use Google Chrome as your browser and login to with your EN information.

ev math

2. Download/Update ActivInspire (The Promethean Planet software that makes the interactive tools and lessons run on your machine)  – If you don’t have an account, you can create one HERE.


*If you launch the lessons and see a spinning signal that doesn’t go away – one or both of these will fix the problem.

Use Shadow Puppet To share Field Trips with anyone

Field Trips are great learning experiences.  Here’s a way to share the memory and experience with others.

Shadow Puppet - an app we use for a lot of things, has an update with cool new features.  STudents can now add music, text, and draw on the screen.

Mrs. Sibert’s Second Grade class made puppets for their parents about a recent field trip to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne, IN.

Click the photo below to view the puppet from Julianna. – awesome how she highlights what she’s talking about with a star. (we didn’t know they could do that earlier today)


And one from Tristan.


Super cool!

Yogurt and Salmon in May?

Q -How do you keep students engaged for 30 minutes in May???

A- Virtual Field Trips

5-21-2014 2-07-24 PM

Check out Recipe for Innovation – a site by Discovery Education and Chobani yogurt complete with classroom resources.  We were taken through the yogurt making process, saw a tour of the plant, and how Chobani makes and fills containers full of yogurt. Some even remembered that it takes 3 parts milk to make one part yogurt.

photo 3 (2)

Today, we went to the Seattle Aquarium through Google Hangouts and were able to ask questions at the end.  Students learned about seasons underwater compared with seasons on land.

There were 117 people/schools who were scheduled to  ‘attend’ on Google Plus- not sure about the final viewing number.

photo 2 (1)

If you’re looking for a cool way to work with STEM subjects, writing questions and responses, and collaboration with people all over the world – virtual field trips are really cool with a classroom full of kids.

*bad pics but the field trips were really neat.