Verbs with Pic Collage

Pic Collage! is a great app to add a new twist to your daily lessons.  These pictures are examples from second grade students at Avilla in Mrs. Leffel’s classroom.

image (2)

We had students partner up for help with the photos.  This was a replacement activity for a whole group lesson where students would sit and come up with action words on a board.


The whole class loved it.  They worked hard and stayed on task.


Students will find things within the app to make each Pic Collage unique.


Many students became quick experts and were eager to help around the room.

Check it out and share what your students are creating with Pic Collage.

Hoops for Heart – Use Technology to Promote an Event

Mrs. Krebs of Rome City Elementary sent some samples to me today of a promotional activity she had her P.E. students perform for their Hoops for Heart program. The purpose was  to generate money for The American Heart Association while keeping hearts healthy and strong through fun exercise in class.  Here, Mrs. Krebs had students use Doodle Buddy to create the promotions.

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Kidblog Application Setup

There has been an overwhelming response to teachers implementing in their classroom. (I even have some Kindergarten teachers dabbling.) It is a great resource. I blogged about Kidblog a long time ago. However, the site has changed quite a bit. I will make an updated tutorial in the near future.

For now, I thought I would throw out a few materials for those of you that are interested in initiating a blog. The video embedded in this post is one I made for a classroom of second graders that needed to make the Kidblog application connect to their accounts. Feel free to use the video for your own classroom to get your students connected if I am not able to help you personally. Mrs. Gaines reported that her students did not have trouble connecting to the site after showing the video.

If you are thinking about implementing a blog, I would highly recommend looking at the following website: Getting More Out of Student Blogging. It is somewhat lengthy, but it includes a free webinar to watch. The blog post summarizes the webinar so you don’t even have to watch it if you would rather just read through the materials yourself. It will provide you with a strong foundation on blogging. It will get you thinking about how to establish it, build excitement in your classroom, and make blogging a successful activity in your routine.

Blogging is an authentic avenue for developing student literacy skills.   When you invest the time in teaching, modelling, revising and promoting high quality writing of comments, students can make great gains in their overall literacy development.” – Sue Waters



Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class

Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class. (Click the link to hear the interview.)

I recently had the opportunity to meet over Skype with Mr. Troy Stein. He is a product manager with Tech Smith. He wanted to do a quick interview about their product, Ask3. (I did a blog post about it here.)

This all came about due to a training for Camtasia/Snagit that took place in January at the East Noble High School. Teachers were learning about the software for the purpose of “flipping the classroom.” While we were there, the presenter brought up the app. Since then, it has been downloaded on to all student accounts. (If it is not on your student iPads, it is at least on your accounts.)

I will be doing future interviews with Mr. Stein. He would like to also meet with some teachers that are using it. If you are curious about the application and its use, check with the fourth grade teachers over at South Side Elementary or one of your friendly peer coaches. 🙂

Let there be Internet

Here we’ve come to the end of week number two and the students are extremely excited. It was fun having the opportunity to deliver the boxes of iPads and iPods and see their excitement. It was fun to see the excitement of the teachers as well as they have long anticipated the day that the devices would arrive. As I walked the halls of North Side today, I witnessed the new technology being used in numerous classrooms (despite the lack of Internet). Hopefully next week the network issues will be resolved and we can get kids going on email and Internet access. This will really open up the world to them.

Now that Zack and I have gotten through this initial rush of trying to get apps loaded onto the devices, we are now getting to the point where teachers can start scheduling times for us to assist them. We are putting into the works a plan to use YouTube to display various teaching videos for both the students and the teachers. I was thinking it might even be a good idea to create a video on now to connect to the wireless (once it is working) and set up their email accounts to assist teachers in teaching the students. We are also looking into creating some videos on how to use the sync cart because not all staff members were able to come to the training. Not only that, but the big thing can feel a little intimidating especially the first time you sync to it. I was helping Tim Miller today at North Side and his response was, “It’s really that easy?”

This week I was also able to post some calendars so that the teachers can schedule when they would like to meet with us. It could be for assisting with a lesson using technology, planning individually or with a group, or even just to load apps until they feel more comfortable. Hopefully I have been an approachable coach. 🙂