Pic Collage Examples – Second Grade

Thanks goes out to Mrs. Sibert of North Side for sending these examples to me today. If you have not yet checked out Pic Collage, I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself!

I had the opportunity to sit down and collaborate with Mrs. Sibert this week as she wanted to know about some of the things I was able to learn while at the MACUL conference in Detroit. One of the things that we talked about is using applications that you can use in any subject, for any project you can imagine. One of those was Pic Collage. Instantly, Mrs. Sibert started rattling off all the ways in the very next day that she could integrate Pic Collage into her lessons.

Here are some of the examples that pertain to cause and effect relationships:

pic collage cause and effect2


pic collage cause and effect



You can also find some first grade examples by following this link. 




Currently attending the opening keynote at MACUL2013. Kevin Honeycutt is talking about reaching today’s kids with technology. Not only that, he is pretty funny too. We can build relationships with students through devices. Kids learn different than we did. We have this giant gap between the past and today. Society has never changed so rapidly.
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