Padlet Across Platforms


Remember Wallwisher?  It’s now Padlet and is great to collaborate across platforms like iOS, mobile phones and laptops.  Mrs. Maag’s fourth graders are working on plant vocab in science and using Padlet to collaborate with their partner to present the topic in a unique way.

We give you a blank wall.
You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful.



Mrs. Maag has a mix of laptop and iOS devices during science and collaborating is tough.  It has been cool to see the students engaged and importing images/screenshots from other apps to add to their padlet.




In 30 minutes students had the site figured out with custom backgrounds, photos, text and were busy adding information from various sources.

[padlet key=’p06pcbcnahks’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

*The embed isn’t working correctly but I’ll post some examples as PDF’s as the students finish and email them to me.



First Grade Timelines using Shadow Puppet


First Graders at ENSC are working hard completing a timeline project before we break for the holidays.  We are using a couple apps to create these timelines – one group is trying the app Shadow Puppet.  It’s similar to 30 hands but a little more refined.  It lets users quickly tell a story of photos, then share through email and camera roll.  Click on the photos below and you can watch the Shadow Puppets.


For this project we wrote a timeline, took photos around the school of our day, then put the images into Shadow Puppet to create a slideshow timeline.  These are first takes after I showed the group a demo puppet on how to make one.  Pretty good!


We used one account for each class and signed into all devices – just like we do for Story.  Shadow Puppet gives you an embed code when you share.  It’s cool and free.


This is a ‘puppet’ I made to show how it works – this is a new one, the one I shared with students was rough. Feel free to use.


Verbs with Pic Collage

Pic Collage! is a great app to add a new twist to your daily lessons.  These pictures are examples from second grade students at Avilla in Mrs. Leffel’s classroom.

image (2)

We had students partner up for help with the photos.  This was a replacement activity for a whole group lesson where students would sit and come up with action words on a board.


The whole class loved it.  They worked hard and stayed on task.


Students will find things within the app to make each Pic Collage unique.


Many students became quick experts and were eager to help around the room.

Check it out and share what your students are creating with Pic Collage.

Turn Field Trips into Saved Memories with Story

Rome City first graders took a field trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and took their iPod’s along for the trip.  Below are a couple presentations created yesterday with Mrs. Millus and her class using Disney’s Story app.  Story can be used to share anything students create and want to share in a presentation similar to Story Kit, Scribble Press, and 30Hands.

We just scraped the surface with this app in 30 minutes and didn’t get to adding captions, inserting additional photos and videos, or changing the theme – I’m sure they will figure these out later.  What is great about Story is when you email from the app you can embed or share the link with parents and they can keep the story created by their student.  In the future we’re going to copy the links to their KidBlog and the students will be fully responsible for creating, saving and sharing their stories.