DIY Document Camera

If you don’t have a document camera and want to work through a few of those istep prep questions with your class, fear no more!

Grab a stack of books or in this case a Character Counts box – open your camera and connect to your whiteboard for a simple projection tool.

Just don’t take a picture of the test.



Super Quick Office 365 Auto Reply

Cleaned up the desktop and found this from the ghost of eLearning past – it might help you!

  • Sign in with email account.
  • Follow steps below.

Outlook auto reply

eLearning Foundation 1 : Getting Comfortable with Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage space where you can safely share materials with others – in this case between you and your classroom but you can also use with other teachers – or anyone. We will move slow to get a sound foundation using Google Drive. Don’t worry – you can do this!

Teachers – download Drive to your iPad and visit on your laptop – sign in with your school email and password. (if not ENSC, sign in with any Google account)

Classroom- follow the slides below to get each student signed into the Drive app. (I can find you older student helpers when needed to help with this step) -You need to enter and the password twice.

Awesome, now that we’re signed in, let’s share a document with the kids in your class. For this step, you will need to set up a shared folder in Google Drive.  Don’t forget to drop in an item (doc, photo, or video) for your class to view.

The following steps show your class how to find a shared document in the Drive app and save it for offline use. Walk through these steps with your class to save the documents you sent earlier.

There you have it, the foundation to build all of your Google Drive tools with your classroom. Next, we will work on a few apps and how to get things quickly to Drive and out to your class saving you time, time, and time!

Manage your student email inbox with a simple Outlook rule

Be sure to set up your distribution list first with this link.

INeLearn Instagram Takeover

We (@ENobleSchCorp) have taken over the Indiana Department of eLearning Instagram feed this week!

Follow along on Instagram.

instagram inelearn

Hour of Code at #ENSCROCKS

“Stop consuming and start creating with technology.”

This week is the Hour of Code at East Noble School Corp and around the world.  There are currently 50 million students signed up to participate worldwide in an event to teach students about coding (how computer software, smart cities, thermostats, email, anything electronic works). This is our second year of participating – we are officially signed up through and each of our students will complete the hour of code challenge – they will also get to sign an award of completion to be displayed around our schools.  This is a big event for students worldwide and it’s pretty cool that each of our students will get the opportunity to participate.  There are close to 70,000 events worldwide.
Learning basic computer programming and problem solving skills will set our students apart now and in the future. Remember those newspaper articles about the White House and our district being Future Ready?  This is a link to the site if you would like to check it out.
Check out the doc for an overview of what our students will be working on this week.​
This is an opportunity for our students to be recognized for current and future work in early computer science.

Code a Tree with Google!

The Best Holiday Brain Break Yet!

Go to Google now! Under the search bar you will see a tree.


Click the link and you are taken to madewithcode (part of this year’s Hour of Code activities)


The kids are familiar with this page from all of their and coding app practice. Works on iOS and Laptop.


Create a tree by adding and changing blocks on the left.  See your code on the right. When finished hit DONE in the top right corner. Pick your state when this screen pops up!


Write down the time and check back to see your tree on Google!