Super Quick Office 365 Auto Reply

Cleaned up the desktop and found this from the ghost of eLearning past – it might help you!

  • Sign in with email account.
  • Follow steps below.

Outlook auto reply


Instant Whiteboard for Tablets, Laptops, Android, and iOS Devices

Our kids at ENSC make a big transition in 5th grade. They move from the simplicity and user friendliness of an iPad to a Lenovo Yoga Tablet equipped with Windows 8 and full admin permissions. This is a big learning curve for a 5th grader. On my end of things, it’s hard to find web apps and sites for students under the age of 13 that are appropriate and useful to instruction. Remember, it’s a tool, not a toy. On an iPad, these kids were always ready with a whiteboard, calculator, email, camera, etc. Here’s a tool that will help.

Write on your tablet without downloading, signing in, or creating an account – and no need to visit the Microsoft App Store.

Introducing AWWAPP – a web based whiteboard.

It’s two steps:
1. Visit
2. Click Pencil / Color / Start Writing!

That’s it!
Tip 1: save a screenshot to submit to your teacher later.

PS: This also works on iOS in the safari browser.

Works instantly = no account, no username, no wait – because sometimes you just need a quick whiteboard.

Padlet Across Platforms


Remember Wallwisher?  It’s now Padlet and is great to collaborate across platforms like iOS, mobile phones and laptops.  Mrs. Maag’s fourth graders are working on plant vocab in science and using Padlet to collaborate with their partner to present the topic in a unique way.

We give you a blank wall.
You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful.



Mrs. Maag has a mix of laptop and iOS devices during science and collaborating is tough.  It has been cool to see the students engaged and importing images/screenshots from other apps to add to their padlet.




In 30 minutes students had the site figured out with custom backgrounds, photos, text and were busy adding information from various sources.

[padlet key=’p06pcbcnahks’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

*The embed isn’t working correctly but I’ll post some examples as PDF’s as the students finish and email them to me.



East Noble Theatre Department Promotes Digital Citizenship

I was recently provided with a copy of a video that the East Noble Theatre department created to promote digital citizenship. It is primarily targeted toward our laptop users in upper elementary, middle school and high school, but I think that it is full of reminders that would be good for all the staff as well.

Reminders about updating the laptops is a good one as I’ve noticed a lot of laptops running sluggish lately. (A resource is linked here to share how to update your PC laptop.) Yes, it will take a lot of time to get your machine up to speed, but if you make a habit of doing it at least once per month, you’ll find that it will not take as long and your machine will run faster.

Another good reminder is the subject of pirated materials. You need to make sure that you do not have illegal downloads of music, movies, or even…teaching resources. Believe it or not, if you have paid materials from Teachers Pay Teachers that a “friend” gave you, you are stealing. If you want it that bad, please pay for it. If the item was free, then download and share all you want. (Here is a silly comic that addresses the issue of piracy. It might be a good place to start the discussion with your students.)

With all that said, please take a gander at the video that was provide. The theatre department did a great job of addressing the many issues that we as a 1:1 technology school district face on a daily basis. If you want more digital citizenship materials, you can find them in my Pinterest page.