eLearning Foundation 1 : Getting Comfortable with Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage space where you can safely share materials with others – in this case between you and your classroom but you can also use with other teachers – or anyone. We will move slow to get a sound foundation using Google Drive. Don’t worry – you can do this!

Teachers – download Drive to your iPad and visit http://googledrive.eastnoble.net/ on your laptop – sign in with your school email and password. (if not ENSC, sign in with any Google account)

Classroom- follow the slides below to get each student signed into the Drive app. (I can find you older student helpers when needed to help with this step) -You need to enter username@eastnoble.net and the password twice.

Awesome, now that we’re signed in, let’s share a document with the kids in your class. For this step, you will need to set up a shared folder in Google Drive.  Don’t forget to drop in an item (doc, photo, or video) for your class to view.

The following steps show your class how to find a shared document in the Drive app and save it for offline use. Walk through these steps with your class to save the documents you sent earlier.

There you have it, the foundation to build all of your Google Drive tools with your classroom. Next, we will work on a few apps and how to get things quickly to Drive and out to your class saving you time, time, and time!


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