ChatterPix Kids

These are hilarious!  Try the app Chatterpix Kids.  Take a picture of something, draw a line with your finger on the iPad where your photo will talk, and record yourself speaking for up to 30 seconds. Export to camera roll to share. That’s it!

Here’s an example of a first grader using the app during Daily 5. She is finding inferences.

Any ideas on how you would use with your class??

From Digital Doubter to Tech Guru

From Digital Doubter to Tech Guru

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“The tool is only as powerful as the user.”

Jennie Margiera was skeptical about the use of technology in the classroom. As you read through the article, you’ll see an example of how she went from looking for apps to cover state standards to having the students become creative, critical thinkers.

This article confirms my belief that technology is not something extra to do in your day. For it to work, it has to transform your teaching.