Super Quick Office 365 Auto Reply

Cleaned up the desktop and found this from the ghost of eLearning past – it might help you!

  • Sign in with email account.
  • Follow steps below.

Outlook auto reply

Facebook guide for Schools and Classrooms

The Education Foundation released this help guide for creating, managing, and engaging with Facebook.

If you’re thinking about creating a Facebook page for your class or school, this is a good place to start.

The guide is aimed at educators working with young
people within schools, colleges, universities, work based
learning, formal and informal learning settings. It looks
at the way in which Facebook can be used as a tool to:
• Support subject teaching across the curriculum
• Support out of school hours learning
• Encourage informal social learning
• Enable easy communication between students,
teachers and parents
• Support the development of digital citizenship skills
The guide aims to be practical and hands on, but is not
exhaustive. Innovative uses of Facebook are being
developed all of the time and as such we have created
a Facebook for Educators Page run by educators for
educators, to share their experiences and
recommendations across the UK and beyond.

Click here for the guide.


Google Forms with Students and Staff

Google Forms are great for collecting types of data and Forms work on any device – laptop / iOS / student and staff phones.

This is new from Google – Now you can insert video into Google Forms – this is great for introducing flipped lessons where you can add additional information for feedback before or after the video.  When students complete a form, you get the data in a spreadsheet to review.  Forms are free and included in your Google account – If you’re an #ENSCrocks teacher you can use your EN Google account and follow the steps in the two links below.  (Sign into google with EN username at )

Teachers can insert their own videos (camtasia, jing, iPad) or use a YouTube link.

From the Google Drive Blog.

FreeTech4Teachers Google Form Guide HERE.

wp gf

*I’m going to check the status of YouTube videos on iOS devices that have AirWatch installed.  This could get rid of quota time but I can’t promise anything.


We are Presenting at MACUL!

Zack and Lance will be presenting on Thursday and Friday. There we will be sharing about East Noble’s experience as a 1:1 technology school district.

Thursday 3/21 @ 1:00 p.m. – Digital Citizenship for the 1:1 District

Friday 3/22 @ 10:00 a.m. Classroom Management with 1:1 iOS devices.

We will be broadcasting LIVE! You can watch it here. Feel free to join us if you’d like. It will also remain on the Google+ site for you to view at your own convenience.

For more information about the MACUL conference, visit:

Give us feedback or check in at OR tweet us with the hashtag #enmacul.


Create a Symbaloo EDU Page

We’ve talked about Symbaloo being a great resource for your classroom.  It saves a lot of time and can be customized for different subjects, projects, and grade levels.  Plus it works across devices!  This (somewhat) quick video will show you how to create, edit, and share your new symbaloo pages with your classroom.  You can still use these as well.

You will also learn how to use the site to shorten lengthy URL’s into manageable sites that students can type independently.

This is the link to the previous post.