Google Drive Student Help Items

Click  HERE (or on image below) for view access to the Google Drive materials (these are from ENSC emails I (& you) used to walk through with kids) – I’ll keep adding new Google things to this folder as I clean up my Drive 🙂 .  If you want to ‘edit’ the files, make a copy and modify for your classroom – I don’t mind.

Mr. Linson (1)

App Dice – Give Options for Creation

This is from Ryan Read – an instructional technology teacher with a great idea to give choices to students when using technology – especially for our 1-1 environment.  Check out #appdice on Twitter or Pinterest.

Here is the link to his write up on how to create, use and implement App Dice with the SAMR model.

Check them out, they look like a great classroom idea.


Try this one below for Word Work.

app dice 1


Try this one after Read to Self time with Daily dice 2

ChatterPix Kids

These are hilarious!  Try the app Chatterpix Kids.  Take a picture of something, draw a line with your finger on the iPad where your photo will talk, and record yourself speaking for up to 30 seconds. Export to camera roll to share. That’s it!

Here’s an example of a first grader using the app during Daily 5. She is finding inferences.

Any ideas on how you would use with your class??

DIY Document Camera

If you don’t have a document camera and want to work through a few of those istep prep questions with your class, fear no more!

Grab a stack of books or in this case a Character Counts box – open your camera and connect to your whiteboard for a simple projection tool.

Just don’t take a picture of the test.


Code a Tree with Google!

The Best Holiday Brain Break Yet!

Go to Google now! Under the search bar you will see a tree.


Click the link and you are taken to madewithcode (part of this year’s Hour of Code activities)


The kids are familiar with this page from all of their and coding app practice. Works on iOS and Laptop.


Create a tree by adding and changing blocks on the left.  See your code on the right. When finished hit DONE in the top right corner. Pick your state when this screen pops up!


Write down the time and check back to see your tree on Google!


ScienceFlix with the KPL!

The Kendallville Public Library is filled with resources you can use in the classroom today. Just like TumbleBooks, the library allows our students to use ScienceFlix – a Scholastic resource with lots of STEM material.

This online database, available inside or outside the library, combines curriculum-driven leveled content, interactive features, and intuitive navigation into a single, highly-engaging digital resource
for students in grades 4 through 9.

Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and designed for unparalleled
student engagement, ScienceFlix provides an in depth examination on more than
30 different scientific topics including Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science, Health and Human Body, Physical Science, and Technology and Engineering.

Each of the 30 areas of study feature:

• Videos to introduce the subject and build background knowledge
• Lead Articles to build content-area knowledge
• Dive Deeper Articles to encourage a deeper level of understanding
• Inquiry Questions to develop students’ ability to cite specific text evidence and support scientific analysis
• Project Ideas to integrate quantitative or technical information
• Experiments to develop a student’s ability to follow multi-step procedures
• Quizzes to assess students’ understanding of each of the 30 units
• Featured Careers to inspire budding scientists and provide typical career maps for each job opportunity.

Get in contact with one of the library ladies to show your classroom! Or find me and I’ll put you in touch with them.


Everyday Math Online Quick Tips

Two tips to keep your Everyday Math lessons running smoothly for the beginning of a new year.

1. Use Google Chrome as your browser and login to with your EN information.

ev math

2. Download/Update ActivInspire (The Promethean Planet software that makes the interactive tools and lessons run on your machine)  – If you don’t have an account, you can create one HERE.


*If you launch the lessons and see a spinning signal that doesn’t go away – one or both of these will fix the problem.

Use Shadow Puppet To share Field Trips with anyone

Field Trips are great learning experiences.  Here’s a way to share the memory and experience with others.

Shadow Puppet – an app we use for a lot of things, has an update with cool new features.  STudents can now add music, text, and draw on the screen.

Mrs. Sibert’s Second Grade class made puppets for their parents about a recent field trip to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne, IN.

Click the photo below to view the puppet from Julianna. – awesome how she highlights what she’s talking about with a star. (we didn’t know they could do that earlier today)


And one from Tristan.


Super cool!

Build Online Legos using Google Chrome

Everything is Awesome! Everything is Cool when you work as a team!

Build with Chrome – Web created Legos you build using Google Chrome

I’ll admit I lost this bookmark and found it today when looking for a misplaced KTT link.  Anyway, if you use chrome like most of your students  and are looking for a unique way to integrate a familiar childhood staple, try BuildWithChrome.

(laptop only, site will show up as blocked in ENSC iOS Chrome browsers but you could use a lab with younger students)

It’s a site designed by Google in collaboration with Legos.  Walk through the brief tutorial or just dive in and start building.

How does this fit into your classroom?  Here are a few links with ideas. One  –  Two  –  Three Four 

  • Try showing fractions with Legos.

lego fraction

lego scholastic

Check it out!


First Grade Timelines using Shadow Puppet


First Graders at ENSC are working hard completing a timeline project before we break for the holidays.  We are using a couple apps to create these timelines – one group is trying the app Shadow Puppet.  It’s similar to 30 hands but a little more refined.  It lets users quickly tell a story of photos, then share through email and camera roll.  Click on the photos below and you can watch the Shadow Puppets.


For this project we wrote a timeline, took photos around the school of our day, then put the images into Shadow Puppet to create a slideshow timeline.  These are first takes after I showed the group a demo puppet on how to make one.  Pretty good!


We used one account for each class and signed into all devices – just like we do for Story.  Shadow Puppet gives you an embed code when you share.  It’s cool and free.


This is a ‘puppet’ I made to show how it works – this is a new one, the one I shared with students was rough. Feel free to use.