Microsoft introduces Office Mix

 For iOS and tablet users, Microsoft is stepping up their game…finally!  First, they released an Office suite of programs for iOS that will be available for ENSC staff and students next school year giving access to PPT, Word, and Excel on iPads.  Now they have a new product titled Mix. Add annotations, voice, video, embeds from Khan, polls and quizzes to your slides.

mix 1

Mix will allow teachers to really engage students and move their lessons up the SAMR model outside of the Substitution level that most Office products fall into.  It’s like Nearpod and Ask3 from Techsmith.  My hope is this will be available to all students and could be a great way to dish out content for eLearning days.

mix 2

I’ve downloaded the add-in and created a lesson, but the ppt is shown as a video on iOS until Microsoft releases an update.  I think this could be something big with our schools once it becomes interactive.

Mix 3

I had Mrs. Carroll and baby Mira in the office and her first question  – can students create these??  I’m not sure yet, but I really hope yes.  Will report once I figure out the details.

Below is a link to one I made – no embed yet – Still has a few bugs (no mark ups on slide 2) to work out but looks promising.  It includes a sample question at the end.  I really hope kids will be able to make these, too.

The next time I use MIX, I’ll record the screen to show how to make one.


#PRO tip – check out and download / install the MIX service pack and plugin, launch PPT and play around. In the MIX tab you will select upload to get it online through your EN Office account.



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