News-O-Matic, The Daily Newspaper Just for Kids

A few teachers sent me this app and it’s pretty cool.  News-O-Matic is a free app for iOS that lets readers discover 5 daily newspaper articles.



Some features within the app

  • Read Aloud
  • Facts and Actions section
  • Most have a video or slides attached
  •  Many words have definitions built into app
A safe way to add more nonfiction to your room – for free.

To read an article ‘offline’ – take screenshots of the articles before leaving school.


One thought on “News-O-Matic, The Daily Newspaper Just for Kids

  1. Hi Zack,
    I’m the founder of News-O-Matic – nice to meet you. There’s no video for the News-O-Matic post. I’d love to see it. Also, the free consumer version is for a 10 edition trial, after which you have to subscribe (Early Bird (purchase before trial expires): yearly = $9.99 or after trial expires weekly: .99, monthly: 1.99 and yearly: 19.99). Schools can purchase the app for $9.99 per device and the app qualifies for Apple’s VPP educational discount of 50%, making it $4.99 after the first 20.
    Thank you for the mention!

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