First Grade Timelines using Shadow Puppet


First Graders at ENSC are working hard completing a timeline project before we break for the holidays.  We are using a couple apps to create these timelines – one group is trying the app Shadow Puppet.  It’s similar to 30 hands but a little more refined.  It lets users quickly tell a story of photos, then share through email and camera roll.  Click on the photos below and you can watch the Shadow Puppets.


For this project we wrote a timeline, took photos around the school of our day, then put the images into Shadow Puppet to create a slideshow timeline.  These are first takes after I showed the group a demo puppet on how to make one.  Pretty good!


We used one account for each class and signed into all devices – just like we do for Story.  Shadow Puppet gives you an embed code when you share.  It’s cool and free.


This is a ‘puppet’ I made to show how it works – this is a new one, the one I shared with students was rough. Feel free to use.



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