Daily 5 : Read to Self with Story Kit

Story Kit – an oldie but goodie to use with Daily 5 during read to self and listen to reading.  I tried this today with first graders at North Side and it went great.

photo (5)

Students used the app to take a photo of a page, then record themselves reading the text.  To review, they would play the audio back and re-record if needed.  We worked through the cover page together taking the photo first and adding the audio second.   Next, I sent them out on their own to finish the book.  Most caught on right away and all were having fun. Best of all – each student was on task the whole time.

photo (3)

Students were engaged and working hard.

photo (4)

Click on the names below to see and hear a few examples.

Mrs. Frick’s Class – Zander and Kaitlin

Mrs. Wible’s Class – Olivia and Kenyon

*We had students hit record and watch the recorder count to three before reading to make sure the recording was ON – sometimes Story Kit has a slight glitch and they will need to hit edit and try to record again.


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