Flat Stanley QR Code Audiobook


Last year I recorded audiobooks for listen to reading and put them on the iPads as Albums in iTunes. To listen, students would select Music on their iPads, pick the Flat Stanley album and each chapter was a song.  AirWatch has changed how we use our own created media and I’m using links to YouTube through QR codes.

QR (quick response) codes are everywhere and Pinterest has a lot of ideas on how to use in your classroom.  These square links take the user to different web sites, audio files, text, just about anything can be linked to QR Codes.  You can try making your own here.
To use this audiobook, or any other qr code, you will need a QR code scanner and a device linked to wifi or cell network.  For #ENSCrocks staff and students, most of us use the app Scan.     A student will scan the qr code linked to a YouTube audio recording of each chapter in the book.  Try it with the example below. *for some ENSC students, you will be prompted to select ‘use quota time’.

Click this link to get a copy of the QR codes for Flat Stanley.



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