Just Books Read Aloud

The title says it all –  This site has 468 children’s books read aloud through YouTube embeds.

For ENSC staff and students, select ‘use quota time’ on your device to view the books.   They are like Do-It-Yourself Tumblebooks and are organized by length, author, category, and have a search feature.

These are completely FREE to use –  Below is an embedded example.  Many of these books do not show the text to follow along, but they would be a good pair with books from the school library.  This example has text.

The JustBooksReadAloud homepage could be added as a webclip in AirWatch if you want to add it to your student devices.  Or have the students simply ‘add to homepage’ from the main page in safari on the iPads after you email the link.

Thanks to JBecker and JMalcolm for the find and share.


3 thoughts on “Just Books Read Aloud

  1. Can you add this as a webclip on my devices?

    Sent from my iPad Michelle Yoder 1st Grade Teacher Avilla Elementary

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