Digital Citizenship – ‘Survival Kit’ Idea


I came across this idea of teaching digital citizenship as a survival kit on Pinterest, (Yes, I know Lance would be so proud) to explain Digital Citizenship themes and topics with students.  I think this is great for ALL grades to get a hands on demonstration to further our mission that their devices are Tools not Toys.  Plus these tools are fun to demonstrate.  I’ll sum up the items here if you didn’t click the link…

Padlock – Keep your password/device locked and safe.

Toothbrush – You don’t share a toothbrush, don’t share a password.

Permanent Marker – The eraser, and delete button, do not work on permanent markers – the internet is permanent.

Toothpaste – Once the information is out of the virtual tube, you can’t get it back in.

*Soap – Keep It Clean.

*bonus from comments.

UPDATE : There is a super version if you want to get really into the Survival Kit.


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