Remind 101 – After School Training

Remind 101 is a great tool for communicating with parents and students.  Remind 101 is a one way text message or email conversation with a group of people that you send short messages to – “don’t forget to read chapters 2-3” or “Remember there is NO SCHOOL on Labor Day”

The great thing about Remind 101 is that you send one message and anyone who has subscribed to your feed will get the text .  Parents and students can sign up and use Remind 101 from any phone without an account.  Teachers never see students’ phone numbers and students never see theirs.

This is how it looks to someone who has signed up for your class – Super Easy!

Parent/Student texts @yourclassname to a private number, replies with their name, and that’s it.  Now they will receive all messages you send to class.

remind 101

There is an iOS app you can download here and a Google Play app to download here.
I will be hosting a couple after school PD sessions on Remind 101 – dates/times to come in email.  If you would like a 1-1 set up, please email me and I’ll get you started.  This is a great communication tool for the new year.

*If you teach at AV – See Mr. Mac – he’s a pro.

Learn more from Remind 101 here.


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