Story by Disney

New digital storytelling app from Disney! 

These are the apps we’re excited to find – apps that can be used for multiple subjects and allow a student to explain their work.  Story by Disney for iPhone and iPod Touch lets students insert text, photos, and 1 minute videos into a ‘story’ that can be emailed with a private link (Like an unlisted YouTube video that’s hidden from everyone on the site).

This app requires a classroom account – we will use one log in for the room and sign in each student under the same username. We will then send a form home to parents explaining that we’ve created an account for the class to use that will keep their information and content safe and secure.  There will be many more explanations about Terms of Service (TOS) within apps and websites East Noble School Corp uses with students and how we keep them safe.

To try, you can download the app on your device and see the possibilities.  Also, at Knight-Time Technology 3 this summer – I’m going to add a couple sessions to explain these new law changes and Terms of Service (TOS) and what this means for your classroom and the digital safety of our students beginning next school year.

 This could be a great alternative to iMovie – and its FREE!

Click the link to view more information about Story.


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