Knight Time Technology 3

I’ve been off the blogging wagon for a while – big thanks to Lance for keeping up with some great examples and resources!  Also, thank you to the many teachers who are emailing us examples of student work – keep them coming. I’m back to share a little about East Noble School Corporation’s Knight Time Technology conference – June 12-13th.  We are very fortunate to have keynotes and workshops with Richard Byrne  and Vicki Davis in addition to presentations from our great ENSC faculty and many outside vendors.

This event is open to all educators, even university students, who are interested in learning about / building resources to integrate technology into their classrooms – you’re going to hear Tool vs. Toy a lot .  If you’re available, be sure to sign up at and we’ll see you in June!

ENSC was given a generous grant from the Indiana Office of eLearning to make this conference possible and we are very grateful for the support – @INeLearn We are a part of Indiana’s Summer of eLearning.

  • Side note – I used to make the KTT3 site and a google form for the registration.  It was super easy and looks great – if you would like help using weebly / google forms in the classroom – please contact Yoder and Linson.



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