Take an Edmodo Survey and Receive $50

Now wait, Edmodo isn’t giving you $50 cash, but they are giving you $50 to spend in their App store.  We posted about this last year when Edmodo gave out $100 to the new store.  Head on over to ENSC’s Edmodo site, select the square App icon at the top and there is a link for a survey half way down the screen.  Complete the survey and you will have $50 in Edmodo cash.

Edmodo Apps can give you a membership for a lot of subscription / paid sites.  We use Pixton through Edmodo to create all of the Mr. Noble Digital Citizenship comics.  You don’t need to spend the money today, it may be best to wait until summer to purchase any Apps so you will be able to use them in your class all of next year.  Most of the Edmodo subscriptions are for one year.

app edmodo



3 thoughts on “Take an Edmodo Survey and Receive $50

  1. Thanks for telling me about this. I can’t wait to see what apps I can use in my classroom. I have to spend the 50.00 within two weeks.

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    1. Pixton or Go Animate are certainly good choices. Keep in mind that those two memberships only last a year.

      Also, don’t forget about Edcanvas. I piggybacked off of the “Free Techology for Teachers” blog yesterday. Since it is free, you can add it to all your Edmodo groups. It seems like a really good presentation tool.

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