Has Symbaloo Run Away?

Frequently, I get a request to put Symbaloo back on someone’s iPod/iPad because they cannot find it in the App Store. Well, there is a problem. Symbaloo is not an app. It is only a website. In fact, all teachers could make their own Symbaloo by going to http://edu.symbaloo.com. Zack and I merely created a Symbaloo page for every grade level so that the staff of East Noble can use Symbaloo without spending a lot of time making their own. However, making your own would allow you to tailor it to your class needs.

So if your students accidentally delete the symbaloo link from their device, the following should be good information for you to know:

Here is the address to access all the East Noble Elementary Peer Coach Symbaloo Pages: http://tinyurl.com/ensymbaloo

If you would like detailed instructions on how to install it on a device if it is missing or if you get a brand new student:


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