ENSC | Knight-Time Technology Institute and Summer PD

We (East Noble School Corp Peer Coach Team) received a grant this spring and are hosting our own conference this summer. It’s free for all inside and outside educators. Better yet, ENSC employees can receive PGP points for attending sessions. I used a site called sched.org to host all of the information related to the conference – lots of planning and tweaking. Below is a video on how to use the site.

Link to PDF File Here

You only have to register with Sched one time.  Your login and password will work for both Knight-Time Tech and the ENSC Summer PD.  Note : ENSC Summer PD is only available to ENSC employees.

The Knight-Time Technology Institute is August 6,7,and 8. It will be held at ENHS each day. All the instructors are your peers; teachers, peer coaches and tech staff from East Noble. This event is open to all educators in the state of Indiana and we look forward to many others joining us for these three days.  Be sure to sign up early for the sessions that would be helpful for you.  You can earn PGP for all the sessions you attend at Knight-Time Technology Institute, but only instructors teaching will receive stipends.



The ENCS Summer PD 2012 is for EDLINE, the new web-based site for teacher websites.   Select the training session most convenient for you.  Teachers will be paid to attend  an EDLINE training. You will be paid ($15.00) per hour to attend.  You may sign up for more than 1 training, but you will only be paid for attending 1 session. Your updated website needs to be ready by the start of school in August.  Please register by May 30 so we can assign teacher trainers.  These fellow staff members will be trainers: Ann Carpenter, Cam Lahee, Matt Rickey, Laura Sibert, Lance Yoder, Zack Linson, Julie Becker, Tyler Martin, Carissa Prater, Joanna Cook and Jenny Newton.



Lance and I are working on Templates to make the transition super easy.


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