A Preview of Edline – ENSC Staff Websites

Please click the picture below to view a brief presentation highlighting a few of the options Edline provides to teachers.

So, this gives you a brief overview of Edline – mostly drag and drop and we will work with everyone to create their class calendars to interact with parents.  We will be available to help with training and will be putting together a few templates which teachers can use to make the transition smoother.  This is a somewhat difficult site to navigate at first but Lance and I will be here for support and to answer any questions during training.  We will also be putting together a library of help tutorials on our new Peer Coach Site – coming to edline soon.  This is a heads up on Edline – no pressure!


4 thoughts on “A Preview of Edline – ENSC Staff Websites

  1. Just to give all of the East Noble staff an update, Zack and I are working on creating some templates for Edline to help make your transition as smooth as possible. This will make it easier for you to just click and put your own information in the way you want it. We can get into the fine tuning of your site later. Hopefully these templates will be transferable.

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