I’m happy to announce our new project – ENSC Reads. These will be audiobooks created by East Noble students and staff to help students with reading.  Lance and I will create QR codes that will be paired with the corresponding book on the front cover.  Students can use their pads and pods to scan the QR code and follow along with the audiobook and real book in classroom and school libraries.  Older students will be able to use their smartphones or a QR code reader on their laptops.  These will be great for Daily 5.


I’ve put together a website with steps to creating an audiobook here – 

Please click anywhere in the black and white ENSC Reads banner at the top of the page.

Or you can go straight to the link   students will use this link.


We will be working on a way to catalogue books but for now we’re taking all submissions from students and staff.  Please try it out and send your books to and and we’ll take it from there. 





One more thing, if you download the app Microsoft Scan you can try one for yourself hereImage


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