You all are probably wondering what a Symbaloo is. I (Lance) was introduced to this a few weeks ago by Kari Millus over at Rome City. She wanted one for just her classroom when suddenly it dawned on me that it would be a good idea to make one for every grade level. So here is how it works, I can create these link pages. The students can use them as their home screen whenever they use the internet. For lower elementary, this could come in handy. If they accidentally end up somewhere they did not intend, they just have to hit their home button, tap on the Symbaloo, and they are right back on the page that they started. I tried with this Mrs. Millus’ first grade class last week, and it worked great because they so easily get lost. All the student had to do was get back to the Symbaloo and they could easily get back to where they wanted to go. In this case, it was Tumblebooks.
What is especially exciting about the Symbaloo is that if you want things rearranged or if you want links added to it, just contact me by email and I can do it all from my laptop. When I change the Symbaloo, it changes it on all devices that have it setup as their start page for the internet. Check it out for yourself by using the following links:

Kindergarten    First Grade    Second Grade    Third Grade     Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade     Sixth Grade

You can then copy the link and send it out to your students so that they can make it their home page on the Laptops. For the iPods/iPads, you can make a home screen button. Then the students use the button instead of Safari to use the internet. Here are the directions on how to do so:


Please let Zack or I know if we can assist you in making this happen for your class!


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