Weebly – Simple Site Creation

Try Weebly.com to create a simple website to display content from your class to parents.  This site is super simple and allows users to include videos, photos, maps, forms, etc into a ‘drag and drop’ site.  We’re exploring publishing options for students and weebly could be a useful resource for student publication – once we work out the details, of course.  Until then, teachers are welcome to create sites for classroom projects and as a place to display student work.

If you would like any help please email Lance and I and we’ll get you set up.  Below is a link to Mr. Smith’s site I made last week.  It’s super easy – really.

Mr. Smith’s Musical Site. 

ALSo – we’ve added an ‘ improvement suggestion’ box for feedback in the right column of our peer coach site.  It’s big and blue and has a bottle of glue – you can’t miss it.


2 thoughts on “Weebly – Simple Site Creation

  1. I like this but I need a site that I can use with the kids. It would be great to teach the kids how to create their own web page, with the help of an interacive site..something they could access at home as well as in school.

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